Abdullah S. Al-Mesallam Est. Since the foundation of the establishment in 1981, we have been involved in the expansion of the kingdoms infrastructure. In 1998 we began the Aramco certification procedure.

GROVE 300-Ton 2011 model with 80 mtr. main boom

GROVE 100-Ton 2011 model with 60 mtr. main boom

LIEBHERR 500-Ton 2010 model with 84 mtr. main boom

GROVE 450-Ton 2010 model with 136 mtr. tip hight.

GROVE 220-Ton 2009 model with 72 mtr. main boom.

Equipment for Sale Equipment for Sale

Our fleet consists of the following:

Hydraulic Cranes: From 500 Ton to 25 Ton
Crawler Cranes: From 275 Ton to 90 Ton
Forklifts: 17 Ton, 10 Ton, 7 Ton and 3 Ton
Boom Trucks: 14 T, 15 T, 16 T and 18 Ton
Riggers: Level 1

Long and short term hires available

We can also provide flat bed / low bed trailers and forklifts.
All our equipment is Saudi Aramco and 3rd Party inspected, and our operators hold Saudi Aramco or Third Party certificates and SAG licenses.

At present we are involved in for Aramco and SABIC projects at Khursaniyah, Hawiyah, Jubail, Manifa, Ras Al-Khair, Riyadh, Abqaiq, Khurais and Rabigh, as well as several drilling projects throughout the kingdom.
We also hold a heavy lift contract for Saudi Electricity Company.
And also hold Heavy Equipment contract for TASNEE and SASREF Jubail.

A.S.Al-Mesallam Est. is a experienced company specialising in crane and lifting equipment hire. The Est. owns and operates over 100 units of cranes and lifting equipment capacities ranging from 25 ton to 500 tonnes.

The Company also offers a comprehensive Test and certification Service for all types of lifting equipment i.e.. Mobile and Overhead Cranes, Slings, Shackles, Chain blocks etc.

VENDOR Details:-

Saudi Aramco Vendor No. 0010009571

SABIC SSL Vendor No. 501315

Saudi Electricity Vendor No. 32522

TASNEE Vendor No. 90000 00256

SASREF Vendor No. OMS-11/007

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